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Kindred spirits in honoring the divine within and without.

Magick brings what it will, guided by our desires and our pursuit of our own true will. Thirteen years of working in the energies has brought us to a place where we are growing a garden of souls that seek peace and understanding within themselves and without in the world of energy and magick.

Through work with the Gods, divination, meditation, and other magickal tools,  we are finding ourselves deeply embedded between the worlds.  And I think we're going to stay.

We offer an honest commitment to answering your questions about Wicca, teaching, and initiation.  If you are serious about your work,  and you're looking for a someone to help you develop yourself and your magick,  please feel free to email IxChel via the contact page, or directly at ixchel@tipharet.com

Last Updated: January 9th, 2012. New Moon in Capricorn